• How to install your floor lamp?

    How to install your floor lamp?

    ✅Six preset color modes. ✅Over 100 custom patterns ✅Left and right mode switching. ✅You can adjust the brightness with a dimming feature. ✅It has 3 rhythmic music modes. ✅6 dynamic modes. ✅It has a rhythmic microphone mode. ✅And it also has a scheduled mode. ✅Android and iOS app control  
  • Review:Power1046 RGB Lamp

    Review:Power1046 RGB Lamp

    Hey guys! ❤️It's Friday and that means the RGBs are on and it's time for some gaming time 🔥The awesome guys at @joyskypower__official gave me the chance to try out the Neptune floor lamp and it's awesome!You can control it from an app or remote and it has more than 100 present lighting modes. It's also dimmable for a relaxing night or it can...
  • Review:PS4 Pro Gaming Controller

    Review:PS4 Pro Gaming Controller

    I needed a controller that I could connect to my PC and play games on Steam with, and this controller fits the bill. It’s also compatible with the PS4 and PS5 systems! 😍More than just a novelty PS5 lookalike. Very comfy, responsive and has decent features : charging, LEDs and adds turbo. Forget the copycat looks. This controller is superb, comfy, works well and...
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